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  • 2015

    5 new patents    It won the 2015 top ten brands of plastic pipes Government Procurement    Zhejiang Province, was named the top ten cutting-edge enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship.
    Summit Group President Pan has just been named Zhejiang ten innovative entrepreneurs professional managers.    He won the brand-name Jinhua
  • 2014

    Zhejiang famous brand won honors    Zhejiang Province won    In 2014 the city's industrial economy to expand effective investment advanced units.
    2014 municipal first "three" Nurturing pilot enterprises.    Wucheng District 2014 top ten overall strength of industrial enterprises    2014 taxpayer
  • 2014

    2014 Special Industry top ten leading enterprises    2014 Talent Development advanced units
    2014 Outstanding corporate technology professionals    Jinhua City in the fifth round as harmonious labor relations advanced enterprises
  • 2014

    The company passed the certification of water-saving Xinhua    He won the brand-name Jinhua
    It was named "Product of the Year 2013 to meet international quality standards enterprises"    Zhejiang peak Holdings Limited is China Gas Association governing units
  • 2013

    President of Pan Gangrong eligible for 2013 annual title of model worker in Jinhua City    Company for water supply polyethylene (PE) pipe fittings and hot and cold water polypropylene (PP-R) pipe fittings are included in the application of advanced technology products Zhejiang Provincial Water Conservancy
  • 2013

    Secretary of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Jinhua Minde
    He appeared in the "2013 national rural drinking water safety materials, equipment, goods and information Annual Report"
  • 2012

    Wu Jinhua City HSBC Bank Ltd, established small freight forwarding
    Group President Pan Gangrong eligible eleventh outstanding entrepreneurs honorary title of Zhejiang Province
    Jinhua municipal government awarded the 2012 Quality Award
  • 2012

    Wu won the 2012 City Government Quality Award
    He appeared in the "2012 national rural drinking water safety materials, equipment, goods and information Annual Report"
  • 2012

    selected 2011 rural drinking water safety project materials and equipment products information Annual Report "
    Pan Gang, president won the 11th Zhejiang outstanding entrepreneurs
    Key PE ??water pipe and PPR pipe, pipe fittings by Xinhua water-saving certification
    Wu Jinhua City Scotiabank small loan companies incorporated
  • 2011

    Selected the 2011 rural drinking water safety materials, equipment, product information Annual Report "
  • 2010

    Incorporated in Chengdu Gao Feng new packaging Limited
    East Han Yangtze River Investment Fund
    Selected "2010 rural drinking water safety materials, equipment, goods and information Annual Report"
  • 2009

    Settled in Pengzhou Minsheng Rural Bank
    Trade and Industry Bureau has been identified as "AAA grade" 'Credible' unit '
    He was elected to the China Gas Association unit     PetroChina Kunlun Gas Ltd obtain market access card
    Selected "2009 rural drinking water safety materials, equipment, goods and information Annual Report"
  • 2008

    Peak Group was established in Zhejiang
    Sichuan peak of the new materials industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinhua new peak Plastic Co., Ltd. officially put into operation
    He won the famous brand
  • 2007

    was named the National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise
    Subsidiary Sichuan Goffen New materials Pipe Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinhua Goffen New Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. the foundation stone laying ceremony of the new plant
    B & Q suppliers become Europe's largest building materials supermarket
  • 2006

    identified as "AA" 'Trustworthy' units'
    PE capacitance fittings are included in the National Torch Plan Key Project
    PP-R project was officially put into operation The Kunshan Goffen Natural Gas Co., Ltd. was established
  • 2005

    PE capacitance fittings included in the national Torch Program projects
    Officially became Japan's Hitachi supplier
    Suzhou Goffen Gas Development Co., Ltd. is incorporated
  • 2004

    PE capacitance fittings is included in the national key new product
  • 2003

    Trade and Industry Bureau of Zhejiang Province was identified as "A-class" 'Credible' unit '
  • 2002

    PE electrofusion fittings are included in the high-tech products in Zhejiang Province
    ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification
  • 2001

    Zhejiang Goffen New material Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. was established and went into operation at the end of the year
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