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               Zhejiang peak Holdings Limited state-level key high-tech enterprise, is professional development, production of new plastic pipe large enterprise. Zhejiang Jinhua peak peak group consists of new Plastic Co., Ltd., Sichuan peak number of new materials industry Co., Ltd. Jinhua Division Minde, Wu Jinhua City HSBC Bank Microfinance Limited, Natural Gas Co., Ltd. holding subsidiaries. Group pipeline products for the primary industry, involving finance, gas carriers, electron microscopy imaging of high-tech, trade, plumbing equipment, etc., has become the domestic industry specialization, information networks, standardized management of the company, Chinese pipeline industry is relying on technological progress and development industry leaders. Group has fixed assets of 1.5 billion yuan, nearly 1,000 employees throughout the country established a total distribution of hundreds of offices, relevant employing nearly 500 people.

            The company owns dozens of the world's most advanced Battenfeld pipe production line and European latest automatic tube production lines, injection molding machines and other full set of equipment, equipped with a complete quality testing equipment, the current level of technology in a leading position in the domestic industry , products with excellent performance and quality was rated as "National Key New Product", "high-tech products in Zhejiang Province", and was included in the "National Torch Plan." After years of unremitting Nuru, the company has become the first European building materials group B & Q (B & Q), many domestic water supply unit, the gas company and other long-term supplier of high-quality companies.

             Sustainable Development created a century peak, the peak group will be market demand-oriented production management and capital management as a means to mechanism innovation and technological innovation as the driving force, the implementation of company size, the market, the brand's global expansion, dedicated to the development of the company pipeline to become internationally influential manufacturers specialized enterprises. 


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