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Installation socket direction and the flow direction of the plastic pipe whether the relationship?
              When installing plastic pipes, and other pipelines, like, generally require socket direction toward the water, this is mainly due to consider two aspects, one is to reduce resistance to water flow in the pipeline when the second is to prevent water, firewood and other miscellaneous inside was stuffed into the socket gap, so in practice, require socket direction toward the water, but the water department in many big cities, in order to facilitate practical, underground pipelines have been connected into a network, when a well failure , water will flow to support the direction from the socket, this does not affect the pipe under pressure and does not reduce the sealing performance apron because the water pressure inside the pipe produced, either the socket or socket toward the direction towards the water Water direction, are equal.

Plastic pipe afraid of cold? Buried deep more appropriate?
            Plastic pipes are the same as steel pipes and cast iron pipes. During construction, the top of the pipes should be less than 20cm higher than the permafrost layer, because water freezes at 0 ?? and the volume is large at - 4 ??, which will cause volume expansion. Like other pipes, plastic pipes will inevitably break, Even in the areas not frozen in the south, various factors such as compaction, load, cultivation and so on should be taken into account. Therefore, the relevant regulations require that the buried depth be less than 70cm..

How to open the trunk pipe butt on the distribution network? You should pay attention to what matters?
           In the pipeline has been built after the opening, there are usually several ways: as the old pipes are cast iron pipe, pipe diameter opening of the new and the old pipes are the same or less than the old pipe size, easy to use iron plate made in three, in Stone disc tray or in reducing tees, stuffed Yau Ma Tei, asbestos cement fight with the 5th port or lead directly hit the mouth, and then with the plastic pipe flange butt; if the old pipe is a plastic pipe, the newly installed four-way , three pieces of plastic pipe, and then saw off the pipe on both sides of the original installation of two corresponding flange retainer can then be connected to both sides of our plant reels cross, tee and other pipe fittings; pipe opening can also by using the interface saddle mounted, but the opening diameter of the new pipe is not more than 1/2 of the original pipeline, when more than one opening on the same one pipe, the spacing between two adjacent openings is not less than 7 times the original diameter of the pipe, openings from pipe joints net distance should not be smaller 300mm.

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